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Canada One Travel Community Involvement
1. This Fall, Canada One Travel offered two round-trip tickets to Zagreb, Croatia for free draws in our community events.

Croatia is known for its breathtaking beautiful nature and dynamic activities for all to enjoy. It is becoming increasingly popular among Canadians and Europeans.

John Allen

Mandy Shew ($20 Starbucks gift card)
Leigh Sutherland ($20 Starbucks gift card)
Brenlee Coates ($20 Starbucks gift card)
Robert Robinson ($20 Starbucks gift card)
Merv Pichlyk ($20 Starbucks gift card)
Nicholas Ruta ($20 Starbucks gift card)
Lilia Unruh ($20 Starbucks gift card)
George McMillin ($20 Starbucks gift card)

Yvette Cuthbert ($20 Starbucks gift card)
Roy Read ($20 Starbucks gift card)
Joyce Lischenski Boychuk ($20 Starbucks gift card)

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, Mr. John Allen. He won two round-trip tickets to Zagreb, Croatia. We are sure you and your travel companion will enjoy your time in this beautiful country.

2. DREAMS is Canada One Travel's not-so-well-kept secret.  It is a band of over ten semi-professional and amateur musicians, who enjoy spending time together to make beautiful music in Canada One Travel's Multi-purpose room.  This band has enhanced the company's many events such as agents trade shows, travelers consumer shows and presentations, fund-raising dinners and celebrative events, accommodating up to 100 guests.  
On December 3, 2016, DREAMS once again held their annual food and toy drive to collect donations for Winnipeg Harvest.  The Band performed a variety of popular music to a group of appreciative guests. The community response and support was once again heart-warming!  

Another successful annual food and toy drive by Canada One Dreams Team

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