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Reanna Nyiro, Travel Agent of Canada One Travel on Pembina Hwy., went on a 7-day tour in October with Busabout to Romania. Here's her report:

Naroc! (Cheers! Good Health!) From Romania

I have recently returned from Busabout’s Transylvanian Halloween Trek, a 7-day Festival.
Busabout is a coach network, geared toward budget friendly travellers. The company has been catering to independent youth travellers since 1998, and specializing mostly in European destinations. They also operate tours in Asia, Morocco, Scotland & Ireland.Busabout has a variety of travel styles, including Sailing Island Hopping, Adventures and Festivals, which I now have had the pleasure of experiencing!

This group photo was taken prior to our walking tour, in the beautiful city of Sibiel.

On the Festival Style tours, there is a variety of included activities, such as walking tours, entrance fees and attraction passes. One of my favorite highlights was a day trip to Salina Turda, located in Cluj County’s second largest city. Salina Turda is a Salt Mine converted to one of Transylvania’s most famous sights, also known to some as the coolest underground place in the world! Once inside, you will find an amphitheatre, a bowling alley, an underground lake with paddle and row boats, and even a Ferris wheel! The local people spend as much time here as possible, hoping to benefit from the natural health treatments. The clean ionized air, and absence of pollutants are said to help with.

To the right of Reanna is the Bus out Coach driver from Italy – Davide.

Busabout provides many opportunities to sample local cuisine. Ciorbă is the traditional Romanian sour soup, which was prepared for us by a Romanian family at our homestay in Sibiel, a small village town in the city of Sibiu. They also provided us with (what seemed to be an endless supply) of Pălincă! A very strong, double-distilled fruit brandy.

On almost every corner of Romania, you can find food carts baking fresh Kürtöskalács, otherwise known as “Chimney Cakes".

Home stay in Sibiel – Transylvanian family provided traditional food, music and danced for us!

Kürtöskalács cart – Chimney Cakes!

The final night of our tour was spent in Budapest, at the “Wombat’s City Hostel”.At a hostel you can meet people from all around the world, share stories, and of course be part of the adventure of travelling. Wombat’s Budapest Hostel is ideally located, close to all the sights, the ruin bars, the venues and restaurants -- perfect location for enjoying a thrilling nightlife.

A hot continental buffet breakfast is served daily. There is also a communal kitchen area, games room and the famous “Wombar,” which offers a free welcome drink on arrival. You can find other Wombat’s Hostels in Berlin, London, Munich and Vienna. It truly is a home for young travellers!

Bran Castle wishing well

Brasvoc Village View

Bran Castle

Bran Castle – Far View

“Cimitirul Bisericii Din Deal” Churchyard on the Hill (Cemetery) In Sighișoara – Vlad Tempe’s Place of Birth!

There is so much more I would love to share, but sadly must keep it concise.

For more details and adventure travel advice, please email or phone 204-287- 8228.

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