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As a leader in business travel management, we work with companies to design and manage comprehensive travel programs that meet your business goals. Partnering with Canada One Business Travel, companies of any size, big or small, can benefit from our experience that maximizes savings and improves program compliance. You have the peace of mind that comes with achieving the greatest possible value from your investment in travel — delivered by a travel company that has been in business since 1984 with a high level of customer service and satisfaction.



More and more companies are using incentive programs boost employee morale, improve their health, and reduce turnover. We help create and enhance your company staff loyalty. One of the most effective tools for you to increase employee performance is by way of employee incentive trips punctuated with a wow factor. While a monetary reward is great, travel is remembered a lot longer than the things we buy. Our experienced leisure department have experts who can create and design memorable experiences at various budgets aiming to make your employees your “lifers”.



Canada One Business Travel has the industrial clout, technological capabilities and source expertise to drive savings across 100% of your travel program expenses. Through competitive transaction fees, reducing air, car and hotel costs, and driving change management, we can uncover the hidden savings in your travel program.



Canada One Business Travel can provide you with greater control over your company’s travel program. With our detailed reporting, we can help you identify trends and savings opportunities and leverage your company’s data to optimize your travel spending. We can provide you with the ability to monitor travelers’ activities from start to finish and enhance policy compliance, giving you insight into exactly what’s going on with your travel program.



Streamline your spending on corporate meetings and events to grow across the board. Canada One Business Travel provides comprehensive meeting solutions that are scalable for clients of every size. Our solutions range from turnkey, pre-negotiated meeting packages to comprehensive programs that include routine training meetings, executive board meetings and incentive trips.


We cater to businesses large and small. Our customized programs will take care of your needs ranging from 25 travelers to 5000. C1 Booking Engine by Canada One Business Travel delivers all of the benefits of a sophisticated travel program in a way that is flexible, cost effective, easy to implement and in line with your business objectives. Whether your primary focus is greater cost savings, better local service, more effective program control – or all three – it provides exceptional consultative guidance, no matter how big or small your company is today, or how big it gets tomorrow.

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