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On March 28, 2017, Canada One Travel held a FREE informative and entertaining event in its main office Multi-Purpose room on 1365 Pembina Hwy. Michael Mullin of CIE Tours presented valuable information on travelling to Ireland and Scotland. The session was well received by an audience of over 50 people. Entertainment includes Canada One Travel's own live band DREAMS, authentic food (of course Irish stew and shepherd's pies) and a must, bagpipe music. To end the fun evening, there were free draws for door prizes. 


Act Now   Book a tour to Ireland and/or Scotland within 30 days of this event (until April 28) -- you will receive 5% off of CIE Tours. 

5 Reasons Ireland and Scotland Should Be On Every Travel List This Winter

CIE Tours is known for their expertly organized guided vacations to Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales for over 87 years.  In Travel Pulse, a reputable travel magazine, they have suggested 5 reasons to travel to Ireland and Scotland this winter, yes, winter of 2017. 

  1. Pub Life: There are 7000 pubs in Ireland and more than 5000 scattered throughout Scotland, make pub life a culture of their very own. 
  2. Christmas Markets: Europe is well known for its markets during the holiday season. Travelers can explore the Christmas Markets in Edinburgh, Killarney and Dublin where they delight in the popular mulled ale when they take a break in their Christmas shopping.
  3. Picture Perfect:  Enjoy the surprisingly mild winter in Ireland and Scotland.  It is warmer and with less snow than New York City. Travelers will likely draw to the serenity and beauty of spectacular cliffs, castles and farm scenes
  4. Value Season: the must-see attractions are there for your full enjoyment if you take advantage of the quieter winter seasons to visit. 
  5. Hogmanay: this is a Scot word for the last day of the year. The Scots know best to create merriment of new year -- they celebrate for three days!  Edinburgh's Hogmanay is the one to experience. 

For more information, read the original article on Travel Pulse:

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